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 Samisk videregående skole, Karasjok

Samisk videregående skole, Karasjok ( The Sámi College, Karasjok)
Address: Karasjok
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Architect: Atelier 2, Alta
Client: Statens Bygge og Eiendomsdirektorat; Statsbygg
Construction System /
Concrete; wood
Building Type: College; school
Year of Construction: 1979
The Sámi College is situated north of the river and in the southeastern outskirts of the village Karasjok, and it is not far from other schools and sport facilities. Pine trees and sports grounds dominate the college’s immediate neighborhood. The first building was completed in 1979, but the college more doubled its size when extended in the late 1990s. A joint main entrance accentuated by an octagonal pointed glass roof links the old and new parts. The elevations of both buildings have an emphasis on long horizontal lines and they have flat roofs.

The oldest building consists of a large two-storey volume surrounded by one storey on three sides. The design is very typical the 1970s with its bold exposed concrete load bearing system.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 18.08.2015
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2014

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