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Nordlysbadet ( The Northern Light Swimming Pool)
Address: Alta sentrum
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Architect: Ratio arkitekter as (architects); Landskapsarkitekt Bjørbekk & Lindheim (landscape architects)
Client: Nordlysbadet AS
Construction System /
Concrete, slate
Building Type: Swimming pool; leisure centre
Year of Construction: 2008-2011
Nordlysbadet is situated in Alta's main pedestrianized street and next door to two hotels and, last but not least, the towns new church the Cathedral of Northern Lights. The building is low and has a very modest appearance that doesn't compete with the expressive modern church. The pools are all below ground level, which creates a downward movement from the entrance to the main facilities. The café, however, is on the ground floor and overlooks the different zones: the activities' pool; the children's pool; the competition length pool and the well-being area. Each zone has its own character with different ceiling heights, lights and materials.
Concrete is the main building material and there is extensive use of slate in the interior. One of the benefits of having the main functions below ground level is the reduced heat loss through walls and thereby less need for heating.
Literature: Berre, Nina: ”1000 meter bryst 69 grader nord.” Arkitekturårbok 2012, pp. 20-23
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 18.08.2015
Author: I.H.
Photographer: I.H. 2014

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