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 Nordre Tollbodgate – Skippergata til Storgata

Nordre Tollbodgate – Skippergata til Storgata ( Nordre Tollbodgate – Skippergata to Storgata)
Address: Nordre Tollbodgate
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Construction System /
Building Type: House, residence
Year of Construction: 1800-2000
Nordre Tollbodgate is situated on the east side of the island Tromsøya and just north of the city centre. It starts by the remains of the medieval fortress Skansen, now the site of the old customs house. The street runs westwards and uphill from Skansen; crossing both Skippergata, Storgata, Grønnegata and Vestregata; and ends at Dramsveien just below the hill Rambergan. Nordre Tollbodgate was laid out as a firebreak in the 1840s and the middle part in particular still has much greenery.

In this middle part part of the street the buildings are terraced with exception of the two properties at the corners with Skippergata. Most of the houses are wooden, have two storeys and pitched roofs, though their age, size and detailing vary. The odd one out is the hotel at the southwest corner, Storgata 105, which was built during the 1980s.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 21.04.2015
Author: I.H., T.S.
Photographer: I.H. 2014

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