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 Nordre Tollbodgate – Skansen til Skippergata

Nordre Tollbodgate – Skansen til Skippergata ( Nordre Tollbodgate – Skansen to Skippergata)
Address: Nordre Tollbodgate 1-3
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Construction System /
Wood, cast iron, pentiles, copper
Building Type: House, residence, kiosk, electricity substation
Year of Construction: 1800-2000
Nordre Tollbodgate is situated on the east side of the island Tromsøya and just north of the city centre. It starts by Skansen, the site of the remains of a medieval fortress, now the home of the old customs house. Hence the name Nordre Tollbodgate, which means the northern customs house street. The street runs westwards and uphill from Skansen; crosses both Skippergata, Storgata, Grønnegata and Vestregata; and ends at Dramsveien just under the towering maritime college on the hill Rambergan.

Its buildings are predominantly wooden houses of varying age, size and shape, though some of them have been turned into offices. The oldest buildings are found close to Storgata, the main street, and these dates from around 1830. During the 1840s the street was laid out as a firebreak. The northern side of the street between Storgata and Grønnegata were developed during the 1860s and the very upper part towards Dramsveien during the 1880s. The properties on the southern side of the street were built later – but before 1900.

The lower part of Nordre Tollbugate, between Skansen and Skippergata, consists of wooden buildings on both sides. On the northern side there is a row of houses with a small garden at each end. On the southern side there are different kinds of outbuildings connected to Skippergata 11 and their main access is from Søndre Tollbodgate. At the very beginning of the street is an electricity substation and on the corner next to Skippergata 11 is a small freestanding kiosk.

This part of the street is closed for through traffic. On its southern side there are trees and a lawn surrounded by a low fence and also an old water standpipe. The streetlights are elegant old style lamps attached to the wooden power supply poles.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 21.04.2015
Author: B.K.
Photographer: I.H. 2014

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