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 Hamningberg fiskevær

Hamningberg fiskevær ( Hamningberg Fishing Village)
Address: Hamningberg
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Construction System /
Log building; timber frame; timber stud framework
Building Type: Residence; chapel; fish processing plant; fishermens cabin
Year of Construction: 1800-2000
Hamningberg is situated on the far northern side of the peninsula between the fjord Syltefjord and Vardø. The village sits on the south facing gently sloping land between the beach and the low mountain Harbakken that shelters it from harsh northern winds. There are findings confirming that there has been a year round settlement here since the 16th century, and exceptionally Hamningberg did not suffer the scorched earth treatment when the occupying forces retreated from Finnmark in the autumn of 1944. Hence there are still buildings here dating back to the 19th century. Hamningberg never got a wharf suitable for receiving larger fishing boats, so from the 1920 onwards activity steadily slowed down. The last full time residents moved out in 1965, and the village is now a heritage tourist attraction and a site for holiday homes.

In 1990 the group of buildings that had belonged to the fishing station owner was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act.
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Photographer: I.H. 2014

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