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 Nord-Troms museum

Nord-Troms museum ( Open Air Museum in Sørkjosen)
Address: Sørkjosen
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Construction System /
Log building, lavvu, wood, slate
Building Type: Open air museum, museum, shop, workshop, house, residence
Year of Construction: 1850-1990
Nord-Troms Museum, which is present in six different localities, has its head office in the village Sørkjosen. Here its open air collection of buildings consists of two interconnected but distinct areas. By the main thoroughfare E6 there is Høeghvollen, a flat open field surrounded by woodland with several buildings: Kronebutikken, Sokkelvikhuset, a large twin lavvu and an open air stage. A bit higher up in the landscape and away from the main road is Bjørklygården, a clearing with a cluster of buildings and this is where Nord-Troms Museum's head office has been situated.

The buildings at Høeghvollen are aimed at the general public for exhibitions, meetings and other events. The building Kronebutikken is in private ownership, contains a shop and a crafts workshop. Sokkelvikhuset is used for exhibitions and different kinds of gatherings. The twin lavvu serves many cultural functions but is also used for serving food during large events such as Paaskivikko, the annual Kven cultural festival.

The main buildings at Høeghvollen are positioned to create a central outdoor space and there are gravel paths, summer plantings and outdoor seating. The grass areas are maintained by a combination of grazing and mowing. A footpath connects the two areas of the museum.

Sokkelvikhuset and Kronebutikken have both been moved here from other locations whilst Bjørklygården and the double lavvu are on their original sites.
Author: R.K., W.A.A.
Photographer: I.H. 2013, 2014

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