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Marmorslottet ( The Marble Chateau)
Address: Prinsens gate 117
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Architect: Masterbuilder Alfred Karlsen
Client: Olaf Alfred Henriksen
Construction System /
Brick, wood, marble, slate
Building Type: Residence, flats
Year of Construction: 1929
The Marble Chateau is a house situated at the corner of Prinsens gate and Bankgata with a garden at the back. It got its nickname because of the rusticated marble facing of this otherwise brick building. The house has two storeys: a ground floor and a first floor under the part mansard/part hipped slate roof. There were originally four flats, but these were reorganised into two units in 1975. The building underwent major repairs in 1996.

The Marble Chateau has some characteristics of the jugend style (northern European art nouveau) such as the windows' mullion and transom forming a T and the simultaneous use of small and large windowpanes. Such windows and the rusticated walls were quite common in the jugend style, particularly during the period 1900-1910.
Literature: Jakhelln, Gisle (med flere) (red): -byen vårres, vandringer i Bodø, Bodø 2004
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 13.04.2015
Author: I.H.
Photographer: I.H. 2013

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