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 Trastad sentralinstitusjon for psykisk utviklingshemmede

Trastad sentralinstitusjon for psykisk utviklingshemmede ( Trastad Regional Institution for People with Learning Disabilities (Trastad Collections and Museum))
Address: 9475 Borkenes
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Architect: Else Thorp Larsen, Narvik
Client: The Norwegian Government
Construction System /
Brick; wood
Building Type: Hospital; residential care home; museum
Year of Construction: 1953-1970
The 1952 national care strategy for people with learning disabilities accelerated the building of centralized institutions in Norway. Trastad in Kvæfjord, west of Harstad, was the chosen location for the North Norwegian institution, and in 1954 it was the first in the country to be opened in accordance with the new plan. During the period between 1954 and 1970 twelve separate buildings were built on Trastad's sloping south-facing land with beautiful views over the fjord. Many of these were residential pavilions of varying size, and the oldest ones are closest to the main road.

Several buildings are today used by the Trastad Collections, which is a museum of the history of people with learning disabilities and their art, sometimes described as outsider art.
Literature: Fjermeros, Halvor, ”Arkitektur for pariakasten. Sentralinstitusjonene i lys av en åndssvakehistorie i internasjonal utakt”, Foreningen til norske fortidsminnesmerkers bevaring, årbok 2000, Oslo.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 16.11.2013
Author: I.H.
Photographer: T.A. 2013

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