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Straumanstua ( Straumanstua / Gimsøystraumen Rest Area)
Address: 8313 Kleppstad, Vågan
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Architect: Jarmund/Vigsnes AS Arkitekter MNAL
Client: Dønning Youth Association
Construction System /
Timber stud frame; trusses; wood; fibre cement sheeting
Building Type: Assembly hall; rest area
Year of Construction: 2005-2006
In December 2004 the old assembly hall belonging to Dønning Youth Association near Gimsøystraumen Bridge on the main road E-10 in Lofoten burnt down. The new building combines travellers' seasonal usage of a rest area and the all year use of the youth assembly hall. Dønning Youth Association collaborated with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to build Straumanstua as part of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes scheme. The youth association's members contributed many, many hours of voluntary work and the result is an assembly hall for the local community and a rest area with toilets and a cafe for the tourists.
Literature: Arkitektur N, 04/2007 pp. 18-20, ”Nasjonale turistveger – Ungdomshus på Kleppstad, Lofoten.”
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 16.11.2013
Author: J.E.; I.H.
Photographer: T.A. 2013

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