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 Skånland handelssted

Skånland handelssted ( Skånland Trading Post)
Address: Skånland, Salten
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Construction System /
Log house; timber frame; wood
Building Type: Trading post; farm; farmhouse; residence
Year of Construction: 1786-1900
The trading post and farm at Skånland enjoys both great views of the fjord Saltenfjorden and the seascape towards Landegode island as well as shelter from the 86.5 acre islet Skånlandsholmen and the 571m high mountain Skånlandsfjellet which reduces the impact of the southwesterly gales. The land is fertile and the farm includes one of Norway's northernmost coastal pine forrest habitats. The place can only be accessed by boat or on foot along the shore.

The residence at Skånland is a two storey log house with vertical cladding. It is a building type called "trønderlån" which is typically: very long; the rooms mostly cross the buildings entire width with windows on both sides; the windows are positioned straight above each other on the two floors, a form predominantly found in the counties of South and North Trøndelag. The main house here at Skånland measures 30m by 6.3m and has two chimneystacks. Empire-style dominates though the windows with small panes are rococo. There are two double door main entrances with handsome ionic pilasters with volutes holding an architrave, frieze and cornice. Most of the external wood is painted white except for parts of the double doors and some discreet rectangles and circles above the windows all in a dark brown. The turf roof has a fairly low angle and starts just above the first floor windows. The front elevation is symmetrical about the central four windows with a portal on each side followed with one more set of windows. The first floor windows are consistently placed straight above the ones on the ground floor. The house only measured 16m until 1896 when the Schelderup family took over at Skånland. They extended it by moving and joining on the servants' house and thereby created a house with two entrances, one for the family and one for the staff.
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Prizes /
Europa Nostra Award 1998
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 03.11.2013
Author: L.V.
Photographer: I.H. 2013

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