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 Sortland rådhus

Sortland rådhus ( Sortland Town Hall)
Address: Vesterålsgata 57, 8400 Sortland
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Architect: Einar Karstad og Tobias Ritzau, Narvik
Client: Sortland kommune
Construction System /
Site-cast concrete
Building Type: Public building; town hall
Keywords: Town hall, cinema, offices
Year of Construction: 1954-1959
Sortland Town Hall, which is situated in the centre of town, has a welcoming garden and proportions sympathetic to its surroundings. The position of the town hall was fixed in the 1945 town plan by Sverre Pedersen (an influential Norwegian architect and professor in town planning) where Rådhusgaten created an axis between the town hall and the harbour with the sound and the mountains as backdrop.

The original town hall consists of four parts: The Rådhusgaten axis starts at "sentralblokka" (the central block) the tallest with three full storeys. It contains the council chamber, the town hall tavern and a cinema. To its north (right in this photo) is a one storey section which is now used as a service and information point for the general public. The two other parts contain offices.
All four parts have a joint ground floor level whilst the northern wing also has a lower ground floor. The height varies from one to three storeys.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 25.05.2013
Author: G.Li, I.H.
Photographer: G.Li.

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