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 Sortland gymnas

Sortland gymnas ( Sortland High School)
Address: Parkveien 7, Sortland
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Architect: Sivilarkitekt MNAL Einar Karstad
Client: Nordland fylkeskommune
Construction System /
Site-cast concrete;
Building Type: School; educational building;
Keywords: Educational buidling, high school, assembly hall
Year of Construction: 1962-1964
The building that was Sortland Gymnas, is now partly Sortland Vidregående Skole, which offers post-compulsary education and pre-higher education. It is situated west of the town centre in a neighbourhood dominated by other large and newer educational buildings. The old Gymnas is a compact and elegant two-storey building with rows of large windows and a flat roof. Seen from a distance one can also catch a glimpse of the roof of the school's main hall.

The school's important functions such as classrooms, study areas, offices etc are gathered around the central two-storey main hall that has a mansard roof with skylights. The hall's central position makes the building easy to navigate and it is an important and natural meeting place where exchange of ideas and knowledge and socializing take place.

In the obituary for the building's architect Einar Karstad in 1982 the local newspaper "Fremover" wrote: "Einar Karstad had the satisfaction of experiencing the gentle revolution that transformed a poverty stricken Norway to a rich welfare state. He was indeed himself part of this transformation and he was an active player in the process that led to Northern Norway now having educational facilities of a standard that can easily be compared with the rest of the country."
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 25.05.2013
Author: G.Li.
Photographer: G.Li.

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