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 Tromsø Sparebank

Tromsø Sparebank ( Tromsø Savings Bank)
Address: Storgata 65, 9008 Tromsø
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Architect: Henrik Nissen
Client: Tromsø Savings Bank
Construction System /
Building Type: Business premises; bank
Keywords: Bank, mansard, base, brick, dentil band, jugend, art nouveau
Year of Construction: 1910-1915
Tromsø Savings Bank (Sparebank), now the head quarters of SpareBank 1 Northern Norway, is popularly called the Red Bank. Designed by the architect Henrik Nissen it is situated in the very centre of the city in the main street Storgata and next to Tromsø Cathedral. For financial and practical reasons it was built in two stages. The first part, the southern wing along Bankgata and the middle section towards Storgata was completed in 1912 and the wing along Fredrik Langes gate followed in 1915. As well as the bank the building housed many other functions such as the public library, the Freemasons and Norges Hypotekbank (a now defunct governmental bank). However, the building is now solely occupied by the one bank.

The main entrance in middle section of the elevation facing Storgata has an elegantly curved and stepped gable. The proportions and grandeur of the bank are monumental compared to its immediate surroundings. It has three main floors, a basement and attic rooms under the mansard roof. The exterior walls are built in rendered brick painted in the characteristic red colour that has given it its nickname. The building's plinth also has two bands of gently rusticated granite. Between the granite bands and a band at the top part of the wall there is rough-cast rendering while the rest of the walls are smooth. There are two rounded corners and at the top the walls end with a dentil cornice in a contrasting colour. The building's style may be described as a combination of jugend (northern European Art Nouveau) and decorative elements from Louis-Seize style.
Literature: Buvik, Martin; Tromsø Athenæum 1900-2000, [s.n.], Tromsø 2000
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 20.05.2013
Author: H.So.
Photographer: I.H. 2013; J.M.B.

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