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 Kapellet, Tromsø gravlund

Kapellet, Tromsø gravlund ( The Chapel, Tromsø Cemetery)
Address: Kirkegårdsveien, Tromsø
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Architect: City Engineer Liaasen
Client: Tromsø Kirketilsyn
Construction System /
Wood; timber; log building
Building Type: Chapel
Keywords: Chapel, Roman windows, ridge turret
Year of Construction: 1905
Tromsø Cemetery is situated on the east facing slope above the city centre from where the street Kirkegårdsvegen (kirkegård = churchyard) leads to the cemetery. The chapel stands on the west side of the lower avenue and is easily seen from the main gate on Kirkegårdsvegen.

The chapel is a wooden building and the exterior is painted in three colours: light ochre cladding with green and red used on doors, windows, surrounds and corners as well as a grid of horizontal and vertical decorative details. All the windows have semicircular arches. Slate is the main roofing material and on top of the pitched roof sits a square turret with a spire. These as well as the former ridge board may be associated with the stave churches. The early 20th century was a time with many patriotic ideals in Norwegian architecture and the stave churches were an obvious source of inspiration.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 20.05.2013
Author: H.So.; I.H.
Photographer: I.H. 2013; J.M.B.

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