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 Hybelhuset Strandskillet 3

Hybelhuset Strandskillet 3 ( Strandskillet 3)
Address: Strand skillet 3, 9008 Tromsø
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Architect: Peter Arnet Amundsen jr. og Kristian Wilhelmsen
Client: Tromsø Kvinneråd
Construction System /
Site-cast concrete
Building Type: Block of flats; residence; bedsit
Keywords: Block of flats, bedsits
Year of Construction: 1959
Strandskillet 3 is a residential block situated on the slope between Grønnegata and Vestregata in the southern part of Tromsø city centre. This is an area of similarly sized buildings but with mixed uses such as blocks of flats, various kinds of business premises and a hotel.

The building has 9 storeys with 42 bedsits from the ground floor to the 6th floor. On top of the building is a communal room and a roof terrace to the south east and west. The lower ground floor has entry from Grønnegata and is let as business premises. Each of the residential floors contains six bedsits, a utility room and bathroom. The utility room has a north facing balcony whose main purpose is airing clothes and bedding. The building has a lift.
Literature: Tjelmeland, Halvard: Tromsø gjennom 10 000 år. Fra byfolk og bona til tromsøværing. Tromsø 1994.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 20.05.2013
Author: L.V., V.B.A.
Photographer: J.M.B. 2004; I.H. 2011

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