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Salangsverket ( Salangsverket)
Address: 9350 Sjøvegan
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Client: Salangen Bergverksaktieselskab
Construction System /
Site cast concrete; steel; wood
Building Type: Mining; iron ore crusher; concentrator; pelletizing plan; power station
Year of Construction: Ca. 1907-1910
The remains of the old Salangsverket, a derelict iron ore crusher, concentrator and pelletizing plant, are situated on the northern side of the fjord Salangsfjorden approximately 7km from the village Sjøvegan. The iron ore was extracted from the nearby mountain Storhaugen and transported by aerial ropeway down to the processing plant at Medby. This was an intense and shortlived industrial adventure: it started in 1907 and ended in 1912.

The remains of the buildings are in an area of Medby called Langneset where the buildings were placed on a south facing slope and a flat area by the sea. There is a signposted path that guides visitors around the site. Nearby is now a new, up and going industrial and business park.

The photograph shows the remains of the power station in the foreground and in the background to the right the ruins of the crushing, grinding and separation plants.
Literature: Wågø, Solvår:"Ut av svartaste fjell - den rø'aste malm", Salangsverket, Fotefar mot Nord, Tromsø 1997
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 07.04.2013
Author: T.A.
Photographer: T.A. 2008; 2011; 2013

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