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 Jennestad handelssted

Jennestad handelssted ( Jennestad Trading Post)
Address: Jennestad, 8400 Sortland
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Architect: August B. C. Nielsen (1877-1956) (the main residence)
Client: Ragnhild and Ødbert Johansen (the main residence)
Construction System /
Building Type: trading post; trading settlement; farm; graphite mining; residence; warehouse
Year of Construction: 1868-1918
The trading post at Jennestad is built on a peninsula 7 km northwest of Sortland and from the start in 1868 it based its existence on a variety of business activities. In the early years there was a range of different buildings, but today there are particularly two that draw one's attention: the large warehouse on the wharf and the main residence with garden a bit further in on the peninsula. These are both large and white and carry the hallmarks of Jennestad's golden days during the period 1900-1920.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 27.03.2012
Author: G.Li; I.H
Photographer: I.H 2011

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