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 Forvik handelssted

Forvik handelssted ( Forvik Trading Post)
Address: Forvik, 8976 Vevelstad
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Construction System /
Wood; log buildings
Building Type: Trading post; trading settlement; farm
Year of Construction: Nineteenth century
The trading post at Forvik is situated on the narrow plain between the steep mountain Forvikfjellet and the strait separating the mainland and the islands. Originally a farm, Forvik's buildings lie close to a sheltered south facing bay where "jekter" (small wooden sailing ships with one square sail) and other vessels were pulled up for overhaul. Nowadays the bay contains a ferry landing.

Compared to Forvik's golden age during the 19th century there are now relatively few buildings but they are still gathered in groups: the wharf and warehouses down by the sea and the domestic and farm buildings further up.

In 1792 Søren Dass Brodtkorp purchased the farm Forvik and obtained a royal licence to run an inn and trading post. He is regarded as the founder of the trading post even if trading had occasionally taken place before. The property changed hands several times until the Arntzen family took over in 1881 and it has since remained in their ownership.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 27.03.2012
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2011

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