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 Kirkestue, Karls°ya

Kirkestue, Karls°ya ( Church lodgings, Karls°ya)
Address: Karls°y, 9130 Hansnes
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Construction System /
Log building; wood
Building Type: Lodgings for church visits; holiday home
Year of Construction: 1785
Kvitnesstua is located close to the beach in the village of VŠret on Karls°y which was at one time also the administrative centre of Karls°y District Council. The small red house is a "kirkestue" (traditional North Norwegian term for lodgings for people who had to travel long distances to get to church) and the building dates from the late 18th century. It is surrounded by other buildings which originally served the same purpose. The "kirkestue" was used during the main events in the church year and was owned and used by families from distant farms in the parish.
The house has a log construction which rests on a dry stone wall, and both the main window and entrance face the sea. The attic has knee walls and was used as sleeping quarters. The roof joists are parallel with the ridge of the roof and the original turf roof has been replaced with roofing felt. Three external walls have vertical wooden cladding.
In 2009 Kvitnesstua was given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act.
Publisher: The University of Troms°, 20.03.2011
Author: I.H
Photographer: Tmu/H.D.B 1975/1974; Tmu/H.A.W 1987

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