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 Kirkegårdsveiens nedre del - villaer

Kirkegårdsveiens nedre del - villaer ( Kirkegårdsveien - villas along the lower part)
Address: Kirkegårdsveien, Tromsø
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Architect: Peter Arnet Amundsen senior et al
Construction System /
Brickwork; log houses; wood
Building Type: Recidences
Year of Construction: 1888-1920
Kirkegårdsveien winds its way up the eastern side of Tromsøya, from the old town boundary in Skolegata up to the Norwegian Institute of Meteorology's Forecasting Division for Northern Norway on the top of the island. It is part of the old road from town to the farms at Langnes that originally went through uncultivated land grazed by the town's livestock. Tromsø Cemetery opened in 1853 and funeral processions from Tromsø Cathedral followed this route, hence the name (the churchyard road). Kirkegårdsveien was part of Tromsøysund District Council until 1915 when Tromsø's town boundary was expanded to run along the upper part of Kirkegårdsveien and it remained so until the two municipalities merged in 1964.

In 1830 the Church of Norway began selling off sections of its property holdings which included large parts of the island, Tromsøya. The sections were called "Stykker" (pieces) and this expression has ever since been used locally as a name for a vacant piece of land or a country residence. The sections mainly became farms or summer residences for the town's rich.

From 1888 onwards the land along Kirkegårdsveien was developed with all year housing for the better off. The exception to this is "Bikuben" (the bee hive), which was built as a summer residence in 1890, but this also ended up being lived in throughout the year. The houses along Kirkegårdsveien represent all architectural styles from the late 18th century through to the 1950s.
Literature: Ytreberg, N. A.: Tromsø Bys Historie, bind II, Tromsø 1962
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 17.11.2010
Author: I.H; E.S
Photographer: H.S; T.A 2005

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