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Giævergården ( Giæver Farm)
Address: Strandveien 1, 9060 Lyngseidet
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Architect: Harald Giæver (engineer)
Client: Anton Marsenius Giæver
Construction System /
Woodwork; timbers; panelling; slates
Building Type: Business premises; house
Year of Construction: 1898-1902
Giævergården is situated at Lyngseidet at the end of the old road that runs over the strip of land between Ullsfjord and Lyngen. The site was originally a smallholding below Karnes. From 1789 it was run as a guesthouse and trading place by different owners. Anton Marsenius Giæver from Jøvik in Ullsfjord bought the farm with the house, land and woods in 1872. The old main building was destroyed by fire and the new one, designed by an engineer, Harald Giæver, was completed in 1899 as a house and overnight accommodation.

Lyngeidet was one of the most visited tourist places in Northern Norway, where the Sami camp at Fjellfinnbakken was the main attraction. Its stake in mass tourism distinguished Lyngseidet from comparable Northern Norwegian trading places; its other activities were traditional, including trading, fishing equipment, fish processing and business concerns. In addition, there was market trading at Skibotn. The scale of Giævergården and its design are indications of good economic times. The site is still owned by the family, and Giævergården and its garden became a listed building in 1995.
Literature: Ytreberg, Nils A.: Nordlandske handelssteder, Trondheim 1980
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 30.06.2010
Author: T.A
Photographer: T.A 2010

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