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Grenselandssenteret ( The Borderland Centre)
Address: Førstevannslia, Kirkenes
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Architect: Finnmark arkitektkontor as / Geir Fossland
Client: Municipality of Sør-Varanger
Construction System /
Timber; concrete
Building Type: Museum building
Year of Construction: 1992-1997
The Borderland Centre is located at Førstelia about one kilometre above Kirkenes town centre. The building has a calm appearance in the open landscape with small birchtrees. The architect wanted to give the building a clear identity and symbol value, which is important for a museum. The building´s expression is attained by simple forms in section and plan – where an elongated building of tree stories (the wall) is running through a square volume.

When The Borderland Centre was established in 1997 the administration and exhibitions were moved here from the old boarding school at Svanvik. The museum, which today is a part of Varanger museum IKS, has as its main task to exhibit the history of the common land before the boarder to Russia was established in 1826, and the changes since then up until today.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 28.06.2010
Author: I.H.U
Photographer: T.A 2006; I.H.U

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