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 Mehamn kapell

Mehamn kapell ( Mehamn Chapel)
Address: Mehamn
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Architect: Hans Magnus
Construction System /
Timber; concrete; stone
Building Type: Church; assembly house
Year of Construction: 1965
Mehamn Chapel is situated centrally in the fishing village on an elevated ridge, distanced from other buildings. Its position, the church nave's elevated roof, and the slim, almost freestanding tower all set the church apart as a landmark in relation to other buildings.

Mehamn Chapel is divided into several building sections, something which was usual in larger buildings during the reconstruction period: the tower, the entrance section and the main church itself. The chapel, which is made of whitewashed concrete, has seating for a total of 203. In addition there is the parish hall, which seats approx. 100. The total ground area for these two rooms is 270 m_. On the tower built of concrete on the south side of the chapel, just by the main entrance, white and greyish-brown whitewash decoration has been applied. The tower is 23 m high, roofed with copper plating, and has a spire with a gilded copper ball and a large, gilded cherub.

The hipped roof on the chapel and the one on the entrance porch are decked with Alta slates. The rest of the roof covering is copper plate. The gutters and the rest of the metalwork were also originally made of copper.
Literature: Blix, Erik Schytte og Arvid Halgeir Nergård: Kirker og kirkeliv i Tana prestegjeld: Tana, Gamvik og Berlevåg sokn, Vadsø 1965
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 24.06.2010
Author: I.H.U
Photographer: Jiri Havran

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