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 Berlevåg kirke

Berlevåg kirke ( Berlevåg Church)
Address: Berlevåg
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Architect: Hans Magnus
Client: Berlevåg municipality
Construction System /
Timber; concrete; stone
Building Type: Church; assembly house
Year of Construction: 1955-1960
Berlevåg Church is situated centrally in the fishing village - at the top of Granbakken. The tall white church towers over the other buildings in the village and is a useful sailing landmark for those approaching from the sea. Here, as in many other places in Finnmark, all the buildings were burnt down during the German retreat in the winter of 1944-45. The place was rebuilt during the period 1945-1960.

Berlevåg Church is built of concrete and was completed in 1960. Its base is approx. 230 m2. In addition there is a christening sacristy, priest's sacristy and entrance porch, totalling about 45 m2. The church is a standard long church seating 300 and has an organ gallery with room for a choir. The exterior of the church is whitewashed. The nave has a wide gable roof, and apart from the tower, all the roof areas are slate-tiled. Above the ridge comb sits a white-painted ridge turret. The tower is clad with copper plating, and has a spire and a weathercock with the date inscribed.
Literature: Blix, Erik Schytte og Arvid Halgeir Nergård: Kirker og kirkeliv i Tana prestegjeld: Tana, Gamvik og Berlevåg sokn, Vadsø 1965
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 24.06.2010
Author: I.H.U
Photographer: Jiri Havran

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