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 Karasjok barne- og ungdomspsykiatrisk poliklinikk

Karasjok barne- og ungdomspsykiatrisk poliklinikk ( Karasjok Children and Young Peoples Psychiatric Polyclinic)
Address: 9730 Karasjok
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Architect: Arkitekt Knut P. Bugge (1955); Børve & Borchsenius (2004); Fossland Arkitekter AS (2007)
Client: Karasjok municipality; Finnmark county council
Construction System /
Timber-work; stone; concrete
Building Type: Health institution; hospital
Year of Construction: 1955-2007
In Karasjok the infirmary and old people's home were built during the reconstruction, designed by the architect Knut Bugge in Molde. The site is situated on a terrace in the terrain, with a view out over the river, the old church site and the wilderness landscape. It consists of two relatively broad housing blocks clad with wooden boarding, sited at a slightly dislocated angle to one another and with slate-clad gable roofs. There are two complete storeys in use, plus a linking corridor and basement level. The façade has windows of various types and the entrances, together with the balconies at the ends of each wing, contribute to providing a varied appearance to otherwise sober and practical 1950s large-scale constructions. The old infirmary in Karasjok is an example of a reconstruction building with simple interior spaces, thought-through details and a sober use of materials.

The site was constructed in 1956 as an infirmary and old people's home. In 1988, a middle section was built between the two wings, and several other buildings were constructed round about. All of these are now used by the children and young people's psychiatric health service. This institution is a neighbour of the Sami Parliament, and several of the buildings that have been constructed more recently have, like the parliament, maintained an architectural style that links back to traditional elements of Sami culture.
Literature: Landsverneplan for helsesektoren
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 15.03.2010
Author: I.H
Photographer: L.M (Helse og omsorgsdept.); I.H. 2014

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