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 Statoil Harstad

Statoil Harstad ( The Medkila Centre)
Address: Mølnholtet 42, 9414 Harstad
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Architect: A3 Arkitektkontor A/S; Skjold-Sægrov-Torpe A/S; Stavanger Landskapsarkitekter MNIL
Client: Statoil
Construction System /
Site-moulded concrete; aluminium; glass
Building Type: Business premises; administrative building; offices
Keywords: Site-moulded concrete, aluminium, glass, business premises, administration building, offices,
Year of Construction: 1985-1987
Medkila is a residential area situated about seven kilometres south of the centre of Harstad. This is hilly terrain with tree-clad knolls, and buildings in the proximity mostly consist of low-rise housing. Out here is located the extensive building complex accommodating Statoil's main administration and testing department for Northern Norway.

The site has a three-pronged building structure with a characteristic central glass atrium. From the glass atrium the office wings extend north, south and westwards. The building complex is up to four storeys high and for the most part has a flat roof. From the outside the façade cladding of laminated aluminium and the use of glass lend a characteristic appearance. The natural vegetation has been preserved around the entire site to a great extent, but the entrance courtyard and a small area behind the glass atrium are laid out in a park-like fashion.

The parking area is situated under the hill in front of the building, providing the facility of large areas of greenery around the building. The parking area is on two levels and there is space for 230 cars.
Literature: Byggekunst 6/1988, pp. 456-461
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 15.10.2009
Author: T.A
Photographer: T.A 2009

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