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Ervika ( Ervika)
Address: Ervika, 9402 Harstad
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Client: Andreas Peter Killengreen
Construction System /
Notched log construction; timberwork; tiles
Building Type: House; farm site
Keywords: house, farm site, Notched log construction, timberwork, tiles, vertical boarding,
Year of Construction: First half of the nineteenth century
Ervika Farm is situated in rural surroundings in Bergsvågen, north of Harstad. The site lies on a raised area in the terrain, its front side facing south-east and down towards the sea. The house is a Nordland mid-hallway house, with a living room on either side of a hallway situated in the middle of the width of the house. The house is built of cog-jointed timbers and is two storeys high. The roof is tiled with slates and the exterior cladding of the house comprises vertical panelling. The small-paned windows have red-painted surrounds that stand out in contrast to the light grey colour of the rest of the house.

The building was preserved in 1942.
Literature: Lysaker, Trygve: Trondenes Bygdebok, vol. 3 pp 213-226, Trondheim 1974
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 15.10.2009
Author: T.A
Photographer: T.A 2009

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