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 Karlebotn skole

Karlebotn skole ( Karlebotn School)
Address: Karlebotn, 9840 Varangerbotn
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Architect: Berner & Evensen
Client: The State
Construction System /
Stone; timber; panelling
Building Type: School; boarding school
Year of Construction: 1952-1966
Karlebotn School is situated in the innermost part of Varangerfjorden, on the southern side of a headland sited with the point facing north-east, 28 km along the E6 from Tana Bridge towards Kirkenes. The landscape here is characterized by green-clad knolls and stunted scrub. There had been a state boarding school in Karlebotn, built in 1934. The old school building was burnt down during the Second World War and the new state boarding school was in use by 1952.

The site of the school slopes down southwards towards the sea and the buildings form a U-shape around the schoolyard. The school buildings are set close together and range from 11/2 to 41/2 storeys in height. The foundation wall is whitewashed and the walls are clad with vertical trim panelling. Every wing has a gable roof, which is clad with slates or corrugated iron.
The windows are mainly divided into two or three pairs, and have simple frames.
Literature: Stuorravuona skuvla ja internáhta: 1952-2002, Unjárgga gielda/Nesseby kommune 2002
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 17.06.2009
Author: T.A
Photographer: T.A 2006; I.H.U

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