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 Fjellkysten hotell

Fjellkysten hotell ( Fjellkysten Hotel)
Address: Åbrekka, 9465 Tennevoll
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Architect: Rose Marie og Odd Karl Steinsvik MNAL
Client: Fjellkysten Holiday Centre
Construction System /
Stone; turf
Building Type: Hotel
Year of Construction: 1987-1988
The Fjellkysten hotel is situated on the eastern side of Lavangsfjorden, 5 km from the village of Tennevoll. This is historically an area of Sami settlement. Buildings in the area are localized along the fjord and the hotel is the topmost building up towards the mountain. There is a good view over Lavangsfjorden and the mountains to the south-west. The hotel varies from one to two storeys in height and has grey-rendered stone walls and an unbroken line of windows. The large turfed roof and the grass-sprouting earth embankments mean that the building is almost at one with the landscape, which is clad with abundant leafy trees.
Literature: "Fjellkysten feriesenter", in Mur 4/1997, Oslo, pp. 10-13
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 19.05.2009
Author: T.A
Photographer: T.A 2008

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