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 Universitetet i Tromsø, Tromsø geofysiske observatorium

Universitetet i Tromsø, Tromsø geofysiske observatorium ( Tromsø Geophysical Observatory)
Address: Prestvannveien 38, 9011 Tromsø
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Architect: Terje Jacobsen and Eigill Hallset
Client: Statens Bygge- og Eiendomsdirektorat
Construction System /
Site-cast concrete; bricks
Building Type: Educational facility; observatory; offices; research facility
Year of Construction: 1971
Tromsø Geophysical Observatory is, unlike most of the city's other university facilities, not situated in Breivika but high up by the lake Prestvannet where its immediate neighbours are Tromsø Satellite Station and a day nursery, all surrounded by woodland which is part of the city's recreational areas.

Designed by the architects Terje Jacobsen and Eigill Hallset the building was completed in 1971. Tromsø Geophysical Observatory is a research and teaching facility and is part of the University of Tromsø's Faculty of Science and Technology.
Literature: Statens bygge- og eiendomsdirektorat, Ferdigmelding for Universitetet i Tromsø, Nordlysobservatoriet, Oslo 1972
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 18.05.2009
Author: M.O.O; T.A
Photographer: T.A 2009

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