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 Bjørklund gård

Bjørklund gård (Bjørklund Farm) ( Sør-Varanger museum, avdeling Bjørklund (Bjørklund section))
Address: 9925 Svanvik
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Client: Jon Pedersen Fætten and those who succeeded him
Construction System /
timber materials; notched log construction and half-timbering
Building Type: farm type, agriculture and livestock farming
Year of Construction: 1871-1940
Bjørklund Farm is situated on a plain that slopes gently down to the River Pasvik, surrounded by mature birch woods. The farm-yard is sited on a small raised area with infields on all sides around and an open aspect over the river towards Russia. In the yard itself are buildings situated in an open square, with the “new cottage”, “old cottage”, storehouse and a combined cowshed and barn on each side of the yard.

Outside the regular square shape are the stables, outside toilet and well, while two raised shacks, the bath-house and a collapsed earthern cellar are situated on the outer edge of the plain towards the river, down the slope from the yard. All the buildings on the farm are built of timber materials from the valley, their exterior treated with wood-tar.

The rectangular farm-yard at Bjørklund has traditions going back to Nord-Østerdalen, where the man who cleared the land at Bjørklund, Jon Pedersen Fætten, came from. He settled here in 1871. If the shape of the yard has its roots in the south, however, it lacks the windows overlooking the yard in the new cottage that it ought to have, according to Østerdal tradition. At Bjørklund the windows face the river, which for a long time was the thoroughfare through the valley, so another tradition has been established here.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 19.12.2008
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 1991

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