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 Saltdal kirke

Saltdal kirke ( Saltdal Church)
Address: 8250 Rognan
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Architect: Peter Høier Holtermann
Client: Saltdal municipality
Construction System /
Timberwork; notched log construction; panelling
Building Type: Church; assembly house
Keywords: church, woodwork, timber, log construction, boarding, neo-gothic, spire,
Year of Construction: 1862-1864
The new church in Saltdal was positioned on the west bank of Saltdalselva (the River Saltdal) during the 1860s, where it now lies on a little wooded rise at the head of an otherwise level valley. The church is build of timbers from the Saltdal woods, with interior and exterior panelling. It is a long church with a consequently narrow choir to the east and with sacristies in the corners between the nave and the choir. At the west end there is a high tower with a spire and the main entrance at the foot of the tower.

The church has evident neo-Gothic stylistic features, such as its elevated form and pointed windows. The building’s exterior has a highly thought-through and consistent level of detail in the panelling architecture – panels, windows, frames, cornices and gable boards rising up to form an overall unity. The elevated windows, finished off with a pointed upper edge, and especially their small diagonally-shaped panes, are distinctive.

In spite of restoration works and improvements over the years, the exterior of the building has changed little in its appearance, both as a whole and in detail. There have been greater changes inside, where the light, unpainted panelled walls are estranged from neo-Gothic ideals.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 22.10.2008
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2006; I.H 1999; Jiri Havran

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