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 Vardø kirke

Vardø kirke ( Vardø Church)
Address: Kirkegata, 9950 Vardø
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Architect: Eivind Moestue
Construction System /
Concrete, slate
Building Type: Assembly house, church
Keywords: church, concrete, slate, tower
Year of Construction: 1958
Vardø Church, built in 1958, occupies a significant position in the overall town picture. It is a landmark for sailors and catches the eye on approaching the town. The exterior is consciously adapted to the street as a whole: the street ends in front of the church, which, with its large glass doors and windows, has an open, light and enticing appearance. At the same time, the tower stretches high up into the sky. Seen from the sides (south and north), both the tower and the church nave have a “tent form”: “In the midst of our world, here where we live, the tower rises up like a mast. A ship and a tent, and a people in transit. We have found a place to rest” (Norwegian Psalm Book, No. 693).

When the Second World War was over, Vardø was left without a church; the old nave church, designed by Chr. H. Grosch and built in 1869, had been burned down. The dean in Varanger at that time, Karl O. Petersen, was a leading light in working to provide the town with a worthy and beautiful house of God – a house “to the honour of God and benefit of man” – and many people joined him in realizing this task.
Literature: “Vardø Kirke 700 år”, Årbok for Vardø 2007
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 21.10.2008
Author: I.H.U
Photographer: I.H.U

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