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 Skolegata 42 og 44

Skolegata 42 og 44 ( Skolegata 42 and 44)
Address: Skolegata 42 & 44, 9009 Tromsø
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Architect: Murmester Theodor Amundsen (42)
Client: Amtskasserer Sørensen (42), agent Arthur Mack (44)
Construction System /
Stonewall, timbering
Building Type: Detached housing, villa
Year of Construction: 1901 (44), 1912 (42)
Skolegata (School Street) towards the top of town in Tromsø, with a fine view over Tromsø sound and the mainland. The area is dominated by large villas and detached houses from the beginning of the twentieth century, built in the Swiss style and Jugendstil. Many of the houses have retained many of their original features. Those who built in this area were mostly well-to-do townspeople.

Skolegata 42 and Skolegata 44 are two detached houses that were built about ten years apart. Skolegata 44 is the oldest and largest. This is a typical Swiss-style villa on a large plot of land, with a high, steep roof, a dominating veranda extending over all three floors and a Swiss-style love of detail in the carpentry. Skolegata 42 is smaller than its neighbour, both in terms of the overall area and the ground plan. This is a stone house with simple Jugendstil features, noticeable in the use of two types of polished surfaces in the façade, and the way in which the windows are distinguished by a slight arch over the top.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 21.10.2008
Author: M.T; K.W; I.H
Photographer: I.H 2008

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