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 Skibotn rehabiliteringssenter (LHL)

Skibotn rehabiliteringssenter (LHL) ( Skibotn Rehabilitation Centre (LHL))
Address: 9143 Skibotn
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Architect: LHLs Boligselskap A/S – Terje Høgenhaug, Eli Thronæs, Helga Sagsveen
Client: LHLs Boligselskap A/S
Construction System /
Concrete, wood, glass, plaster and steel plates
Building Type: Rehabilitation and training centre, course and conference centre
Keywords: rehabilitation centre, concrete, wood, glass, plaster plates, steel plates
Year of Construction: 1980-1987
Skibotn Rehabilitation Centre was built and is run by LHL (National Association for Heart & Lung Diseases) and is situated on Gammelveien, not far from the centre of Skibotn. The building is located between the road and Storfjorden, the innermost and southernmost part of Lyngenfjorden. The terrain is flat and overgrown with heather, grass, birch and pine trees. The cemetery is the nearest neighbour to the south, but neither this nor the sea is visible from the site because of the dense pine vegetation.

The building is long and low, but divided up. The roof height varies from one part to another. The slanting roof formations blend in with the landscape and the mountains around. The grounds are completely flat and the whole site is on a single level, which is important for wheelchair users. Along a central corridor zone that curves gradually from north to southeast are situated the communal activities on one side (towards the east) and the accommodation wings on the other. On the west side of the traffic zone the accommodation wings link together like an outstretched hand. In this way the pine forest becomes part of the site and the trees come right up to the large picture windows in the corridor zone. The main arrival area is paved with grey and red stone and faces east, while the accommodation wings face west towards the fjord. At the end of the corridor zone to the south are the swimming pool and plenum hall, with their own entrance. This section is also available for use by those who live locally.
Literature: Byggekunst 1/1982, pp. 27-30, “Skibotn kurssenter”.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 15.05.2008
Author: I.H; I.H.E.M
Photographer: I.H. 2007

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