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 Honningsvåg kirke

Honningsvåg Church ( )
Address: 9750 Honningsvåg
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Architect: Jacob Wilhelm Nordan
Construction System /
Woodwork, notched log construction
Building Type: Assembly house, church
Keywords: church, woodwork, cog joint, neo-gothic, vertical boarding, gable roof, slate, steeple
Year of Construction: 1885
Honningsvåg Church, dating from 1885, is the oldest building in Honningsvåg. The small, white-painted church is situated at the top of the hill above the town, its entrance façade and tower pointing westwards towards Vågen.

The church is designed in a simple neo-Gothic style. The latter half of the nineteenth century was a thriving period of church-building in Norway. Most of the churches from this period are painted white and have neo-Gothic features. They incorporate a tower with access at the foot of the tower, a long aisle and recessed altar section – as is the case in Honningsvåg. The church is clad externally with vertical white-painted panelling and the gable roof is covered with grey, square slates. Neo-Gothic churches often have a pointed upper apex to their high-set windows; in Honningsvåg both the windows and the entrance door have an horizontal upper apex. The tower, however, has a high, pointed steeple that is characteristically neo-Gothic.

The church location for Magerøya was moved to Honningsvåg during the 1880s. It had previously been located on the outer side of the island. When the church in Kjelvik was blown down during a hurricane in 1882, it was decided that a new church should be built in a less exposed location. In addition, the population on the outer side of the island was shrinking, whereas it was growing inwards in the fjords. Honningsvåg, which had a good, sheltered harbour, was chosen as the new church location and one of its citizens donated the land.
Literature: Hanssen, Einar Richter: Honningsvåg kirke 100 år: 1885-1985, Honningsvåg 1985 Bergslid, Kjartan: Honningsvåg Kirke, Honningsvåg 1999
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 07.05.2008
Author: I.H.U
Photographer: I.H.U 2008

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