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 Kong Oscar IIs kapell

Kong Oscar IIs kapell (King Oscar II’s Chapel) ( )
Address: Grense Jakobselv
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Architect: Arkitekt Jakob Wilhelm Nordan
Client: The State
Construction System /
Natural stone, wood
Building Type: Assembly Hall, Church
Keywords: church, natural stone, wood, neo-gothic, tower, spire, steeple, random rubble, gable roof, slate
Year of Construction: 1866-1869
King Oscar II’s Chapel in Grense Jakobselv is perched on a little hill in front of the mountainside, and is clearly visible from the sea and from the Russian side of the border river. It is in a visually strategic position. With its natural stone walls and simple neo-Gothic forms, the chapel was in keeping with the European architectural trend of the latter half of the nineteenth century, constructed of stone that was quarried in the locality. Parliament decided that a greystone church should be built as a border marker. Thus it was not church service that took precedence, but the need to mark the border.

The chapel is a long church with a square tower over the entrance section, facing towards the sea and the north-west. The tower cowl rises from a pyramid form up into an octagonal high, pointed form, ending in a spire. The choir is created as a narrower and lower space than the nave, and has broken corners. The walls are of unplastered rubble, irregular stone built and pointed with mortar, and all the openings have a pointed arch upper finish. The gable roof is covered with square slate slabs.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg, Elin Haugdal, Bodil Ruud & Sveinulf Hegstad (eds): Arkitektur i Nord-Norge, Bergen 2007.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 15.03.2008
Author: S.E.G.
Photographer: S.E.G. 2003

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