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 Finnmark kringkaster

Finnmark kringkaster ( Finnmark Broadcasts (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation building in Vadsø))
Address: Grensen 5, 9800 Vadsø
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Architect: Henrik L. Kjær, arkitekt MNAL
Client: NRK
Construction System /
Brick, supporting concrete walls
Building Type: Institutional building containing offices, recording studio and Store studio (Main Studio)
Keywords: broadcasting house, brick, concrete, functionalism, recording studio, office
Year of Construction: 1949
The NRK building is situated just behind Vadsø Church and the town centre, with housing and a sports hall as its nearest neighbours. The building is positioned on the broad level area in-between two sloping terrain formations – on the slope towards the sea is the old town area and the slope behind the level area forms the start of the mountain.

Broadcasting House was created at the time of the rebuilding and it embodies many features of functionalism – with flat roofs and right-angled spaces. The original building is divided into two main building spaces: the office section and Store studio, with a high roof. The façade is decorated with brick patterns, square window-panes, and the foundation wall is slate-clad. The main entrance is enormous, with a spacious, almost baroque staircase. The reception area echoes the use of solid materials, with a slate floor, plastered and painted walls and a finely-decorated staircase.
Literature: Hansen, Bård Gudmund: Fra djevelmaster til Hallo fiskeflåten. NRK Finnmark 1994 Dancke, Trond: Opp av ruinene. Gyldendal 1986.
Publisher: University of Tromsø, 09.12.2007
Author: R.S
Photographer: R.S

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