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 Nordreisa kirke

Nordreisa kirke ( Nordreisa church)
Address: Storslett
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Architect: Christian Heinrich Grosch
Client: Nordreisa Parish
Construction System /
Woodwork; cogging joint method
Building Type: Church
Keywords: church, woodwork, cog joint construction, tower, lantern, steeple, neo-gothic
Year of Construction: Consecrated in 1856
The Nordreisa Church is situated at Storslett in the Nordreisa Municipality. It is found on a level plain a few hundred metres from the mouth of the Reisa River. The church was consecrated in 1856, but the preliminary planning for the construction work started in roughly 1830. Christian Heinrich Grosch (1801-1865) designed the church. Grosch was a prominent architect during the 19th century and designed many churches in Northern Norway, such as the Tromsø Cathedral and the churches in Balsfjord, Kistrand and Nesseby.

The Nordreisa Church is a magnificent long church in the Neo-Gothic style, and following tradition, lies in an east-west direction. To the west, the church has a tall steeple with a quadrangular floor plan. The main entrance is found at the foot of the steeple. On the eastside of the church there is a narrow low-rising choir annexed to the nave. The church is painted white and has a grey slate roof. The tall steeple has a characteristic design, namely a hipped roof that is capped by an octagonal lantern with a tall, cone-shaped roof crown.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 23.10.2007
Author: I.H; H.S
Photographer: I.H 2007; 2013

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