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 Sorenskrivergården i Vardø

Sorenskrivergården i Vardø ( District Recorders Estate in Vardø (The Castle))
Address: Strandgata 70, 9950 Vardø
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Client: Anton K. Larsen
Construction System /
Woodwork; half-timbered framework
Building Type: Residence
Keywords: residence, woodwork, timber uprights, villa, mansard roof, cross grid window, dormer, spire, oriel, art nouveau, neo-baroque, neo-classicism
Year of Construction: 1913
One of the most distinguished buildings in the town of Vardø is located on the corner between the streets Strandgata and Mads Johnsens gate. The building is easily visible with a view overlooking the seaward entrance to the harbour. The street Strandgata is one of the most prominent shopping streets in town, and is named after the beach that runs along the eastside of the bay Vestervågen. The street Mads Johnsens gate, previously known as Holstallmenningen, was given its present name in 1948.

Locals refer to the district recorder's estate as "the Castle". It is a two-storied white-painted wooden villa, constructed of a half-timbered framework with profiled carpenter casing. A tall mansard roof, clad with rounded roof slates, bestows the building with its characteristic appearance. The original cross-post windows were removed during restoration work that was performed in the 1980s. The replacement windows were nearly identical to the old ones. Dormers are located on both the west and east side of the building, along with a two-storied corner oriel with a spire. The wooden villa faces the streets Strandgata and Mads Johnsens gate. In the past people reacted negatively to the location of the entrance, which faced the street Strandgata. Today the entrance is situated at the rear of the building.

A number of different styles characterise "the Castle", such as Jugendstil, Neo-Baroque, along with neo-classical details above the windows on the ground storey (triangular pediments).
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 02.11.2006
Author: I.H.U
Photographer: I.H.U 2004

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