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 Skolegata 50

Skolegata 50 ( Skolegata 50 (street address))
Address: Skolegata 50, Tromsø
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Architect: Peter Arnet Amundsen jr.
Client: Gerhard Holthe
Construction System /
Building Type: Residential
Keywords: residence, villa, woodwork, horizontal boarding, functionalism,
Year of Construction: 1939
This residence is situated on a level expanse on a slope above the Tromsø town centre. It has a magnificent view of the town, Tromsø Sound and the mountain Tromsdalen. The surrounding area is characterised by a residential area, situated on a steep slope. It is a two-storied house with a basement, has a rectangular shaped plan, and terminates with a slightly saddled roof. The structure stands on a white plastered foundation wall and is clad on the exterior with horizontal panelling that is painted yellow. The main entrance is located in a vestibule on the north side of the house. This vestibule has a round window - a typical feature from Functionalism. Windows such as this can be seen in many Tromsø houses built during this period. On the first-storey, towards the south, there is a glass enclosed veranda.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 30.06.2006
Author: A.I; T.A
Photographer: J.M.B 2003; T.A 2006

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