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 Fritidshus ved Roggeluokta

Fritidshus ved Roggeluokta ( Holiday Home at Roggeluokta)
Address: Roggeloukta, Elvenes, 9046 Oteren
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Architect: Tord Kvien, Sivilarkitekt MNAL
Client: Marit and Asbjørn Kvien
Construction System /
Leca brick; stanchion-type walls; roof supports; natural stone walls; iron vitriol treated panelling; woodwork
Building Type: Holiday home
Keywords: holiday home, cottage, leca brick, roof truss, natural stone wall, woodwork, ribbon window,
Year of Construction: 1994-1998
The holiday home at Roggeluokta is situated outermost on a foreland in the fjord Storfjord, in an open and largely contoured landscape, exposed to the elements. The building is located at the transitional point between an old beach terrace and a steep incline that slopes downwards to the current sea level. It is partially buried in the ground, and along the sides there are recessed sections which provide a sheltered outdoor area on this otherwise windswept site. Situated alongside the terrain are the bedrooms. On the opposite end is the living room, which has a continuous window band on three sides and a magnificent view overlooking the fjord and mountains.

The traditional motifs and materials used on the boathouses and outbuildings in the area are recognised on the holiday home - such as the natural stone wall, wooden panelling on the walls and ceiling, along with the simple rectangular form, capped by a saddle roof - but everything is assembled in a new way.

The landscape and weather are dramatically correspondent and are viewed as an attraction. The architecture is subordinate and constitutes this relationship.
Literature: Detail, 3/2001.
Bauwelt, 1-2/2001.
HYTTE, Gyldendal 2003.
Hytteliv, 1/2000.
Prizes /
Has been on display on the exhibition
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 29.06.2006
Author: T.K; I.H
Photographer: T.K 1998/2005

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