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 Bankgata 7-13

Bankgata 7-13 ( Bankgata 7-13 (street address))
Address: Bankgata 7-13
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Architect: Peter Arnet Amundsen; Christian Fosse and Stein Aasen, sivilarkitekter MNAL
Client: Norges Bank for Nos. 7-11
Construction System /
Brick; concrete
Building Type: Bank; commercial building
Keywords: bank, business premises, brick, concrete, art nouveau, classicist
Year of Construction: 1880-1972
This row of buildings along the street Bankgata, is centrally located in the Tromsø town centre - the façades face towards the park Kirkeparken and the long-side of Tromsø Cathedral. The buildings were constructed at different times, but each is made of brick/concrete. The architecture of each building was carefully planned, costly to build and characteristic of the period. This row of buildings, along with the Cathedral, is situated in a milieu with a great deal of building history and architectural value.

Bankgata 13 (street address) was built in 1880 for Johs. Giæver, the owner of a whaling ship. It was the town's first residence made of brick. The building is believed to be designed by a German architect. It represents an eclectic style with recognizable elements from both the Italian Renaissance (for example the horizontal band) and the German Middle Ages (stepped gable). Today this building is a part of the bank Sparebank 1 Northern Norway, its main complex is housed in a monumental Jugenstil building on the corner of the streets Bankgata and Storgata.

Bankgata 9-11 (street address) was designed by Christian Fosse and Stein Aasen for Norges Bank, construction was completed in 1972. Currently this building houses the Norsk Kontantservice (NOKAS) Company. Norges Bank is located next to the old bank building from the 1920s, a brick building with a classicist design.
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Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 29.06.2006
Author: T.A; I.H
Photographer: T.A 2006; J.M.B 2003

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