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xbo (mobil bolig) ( xbo (mobile home))
Address: Mobile, currently located at Strandkanten (waters edge), Tromsø
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Architect: 70ºN arkitektur as
Client: 70ºN arkitektur as; Senja Elementer AS
Construction System /
Steel structure, wooden trestle poles, water-resistant plywood
Building Type: Residential
Keywords: steel construction, plywood, wood, residence
Year of Construction: 2004
xbo is a mobile home that was originally one concept from a development of new ideas for sustainable mobile homes designed for young individuals. Upon first glance, the xbo housing unit resembles a transport container. It is a two-piece rectangular volume with a base area that measures 3.2 x 12 metres. These two sections can be pulled apart to a maximum length of 19 metres, with the help of a hand winch. When the two sections are pulled apart they form an inner outdoor area. This outdoor area can be open or closed, depending on the wishes of the residents, with the help of vertical Venetian blinds and hinged gates.

The concept behind this type of residence was that it could be moved if necessary. Therefore, the municipality can offer temporary lots where xbo-owners can place their flats for a very reasonable price. It can also be suited as a holiday home situated in a natural setting.
Literature: Byggekunst 3/2005, p. 34-35
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 09.06.2006
Author: I.H
Photographer: K.N; B.Ra

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