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 Karasjok gjestgiveri og Karasjok hotell med Storgammen

Karasjok gjestgiveri og Karasjok hotell med Storgammen ( Karasjok Inn and the Karasjok Hotel with the Turf Hut)
Address: 9730 Karasjok
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Architect: Borgen, Bing Lorentzen and Krishna AS
Client: Nord Norsk Hotelldrift A/S; SAS- North Cape Hotels
Construction System /
Concrete; steel; woodwork
Building Type: Hotel; restaurant
Keywords: hotel, inn, turf hut, concrete, steel, woodwork, clap board, gable roof, steel sheeting,
Year of Construction: 1946-1990
The Karasjok Hotel is located together with the Large Turf Hut, the Inn and the Sámiland Centre on a terrace, a riverbed with lush vegetation - large pine trees, bushes and a ground vegetation of heather. Trails lead from this terrace down to the old Church site, which is situated on the alluvial plain.

The Karasjok Hotel was completed in 1983 and is now the Rica Hotel. The building is characterised by walls made of brown stained horizontal panelling (of varying widths), railings made of rounded, laminated logs and a saddle roof covered with corrugated, enamelled steel plating. All of these features bestow the building with a rustic quality which is harmonious with the pine wooded surroundings.
Literature: Byggekunst 2 / 1985 pp. 110-112,
Byggekunst 7 / 1990 pp. 390-391,
Arkitektur i Norge, årbok 1991, p. 61
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 25.04.2006
Author: I.H
Photographer: T.A 2006; I.H.U 2004

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