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 Honningsvåg bystruktur

Honningsvåg bystruktur (Gjenreisingsbyen Honningsvåg) ( Honningsvåg Town Structure)
Address: Honningsvåg
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Building Type: Town structure; town building development
Keywords: town structure, reconstruction architecture, town plan
Year of Construction: 1945-1960
The town of Honningsvåg lies as a unified and colourful building milieu, mostly concentrated around Vågen. White warehouses stand safely anchored at the edge of the sea, and the residencies progress upwards on the hillside like an amphitheatre, with the harbour as its stage. This concentrated building development, which is situated south and east-facing, stands in contrast to the otherwise desolate surroundings of the island Magerøya.

The largest section of the current town structure and buildings was created in the period 1945-1960 - during the reconstruction period. When the German occupants withdrew from this area at the turn of the year 1944/1945, only the church remained standing. All of the other buildings had been reduced to a pile of ashes and the residents were forced to evacuate. Yet after much effort, Honningsvåg was rebuilt. Today it appears as a direct result of the town plan developed by the organisation Redevelopment of Areas Destroyed by Fire (BSR) in 1947. This project was in Honningsvåg led by the architect Per Lingaas. Virtually all of the available land was developed within a short span of a few years. The principles of the reconstruction plan were also, to a large extent, employed in later building development.

The building development that occurred during the reconstruction period resulted in a uniform structural milieu, formed by a traditional rational town plan that also stressed the importance and value of the aesthetic experience. The buildings' characteristic uniformity illustrates the will to submit to a united and integrated milieu. When viewed with this in mind the buildings appear to be harmonious and unobtrusive.
Literature: Sætherø, Ingrid: Vandringer i gjenreist landskap, Honningsvåg, Fotefar mot nord, Nordkapp / Vadsø 1996
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 25.04.2006
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2004

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