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 Indre Finnmark tingrett - Sis Finnmárkku diggegoddi

Indre Finnmark tingrett - Sis Finnmárkku diggegoddi ( Interior Finnmark County Court)
Address: Tana bru
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Architect: Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter AS
Client: Nordlysbygg AS
Construction System /
Woodwork; concrete
Building Type: Courthouse; offices
Keywords: courthouse, woodwork, concrete, flat roof, cast-in-place concrete, wood panelling, Siberian larch, vertical boarding, horizontal boarding,
Year of Construction: 2003-2004
The building that houses the Interior Finnmark County Court is located in the local authority centre in the Tana Municipality - Tana bru. Centrally located on the site, the building is encircled by a sparsely wooded birch forest on the alluvial plain.

The county court is an elongated one-storey building, and the two long façades have a completely different expression. Towards the northeast is a tripartite façade with a flat roof. This section of the building holds offices and functions linked to the court's administration. The south-west facing façade is an undulating organic shaped wall that is slanted and borders the lobby, with the courtrooms. This section is the more public part of the building. The complex is constructed from cast-in-place concrete, and is partially clad with wooden panelling made of Siberian larch wood - with horizontal panelling in the office section and vertical on the slanted, undulating wall screen.

The county court opened in 2004 and was the result of an architecture competition that was won by Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter. This architecture firm also designed the Sámi Parliament building (Sametinget). In regard to form, these two buildings have many similar features.
Literature: Arkitektur i Norge, Årbok 2005, Oslo 2005, p. 47.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 25.04.2006
Author: H.S; I.H
Photographer: H.J.B 2004

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