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 Finnmark husmorskole

Finnmark husmorskole ( Finnmark School of Domestic Science)
Address: Alta
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Architect: Directorate Architect
Client: Norwegian Government (Staten)
Construction System /
Woodwork; timber frame
Building Type: School
Keywords: school, woodwork, reconstruction architecture, gable roof, slate, residence hall, outbuilding
Year of Construction: 1951-1956
The School of Domestic Science complex is protected as it is situated below a pine wooded south facing slope near Midtbakken - centrally in Alta. Today the University College of Finnmark is its nearest neighbour, and it is partially built on the previous site of the School of Domestic Science. The School of Domestic Science was built in the 1950s and has the distinctive marks characteristic of public reconstructed architecture. It is for example, a building complex which is divided into multiple rectangular volumes that are positioned against one another, divided in relation to function. Slate covered saddle roofs crown the wooden buildings that are painted red, yellow and white. There is a simple and well thought-out detailing and use of solid material - woodwork, brick and slate. Today the main building is painted yellow with a white central section, and the red painted residence hall that still remains. The red painted outbuilding has a barn, stable and hayloft located uphill on the slope in regard to the other buildings.

Finnmark School of Domestic Science was founded in 1911. Throughout the years it has been located at different places in Alta and in Kåfjord. In the 1950s the complex that is presented here was built, with buildings for teaching, horticulture and farming. In addition there was a residence hall for pupils and flats for teachers. The farming that was done at the School of Domestic Science was shut down in 1970, and the instruction that covered farming- and horticulture was terminated. In 1980 the Finnmark School of Domestic Science was shut down, and the University College of Finnmark took over the premises.

Finnmark husmorskole was declared listed in 2014.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 25.04.2006
Author: I.H.
Photographer: I.H.U. 2004

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