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 Kobbelv vertshus

Kobbelv vertshus ( Kobbelv Public House)
Address: 8264 Engan
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Architect: Arkitektstudio A/S
Client: I/S Kobbelv Motellbygg
Construction System /
Concrete; brick
Building Type: Hotel
Keywords: hotel, concrete, brick, shed roof
Year of Construction: I/S Kobbelv Motellbygg
Kobbelv Public House is localised next to the classified road E6 in Sørfold - in Sørfjordmo at the base of the fjord Leirfjord. This site is surrounded by a lush and undulating landscape, situated adjacent to a waterfall and has a lovely view of the fjord.

The building is divided into three wings. On the upper side by the classified road, the complex is relatively low-rising and one-storied. While when seen from the lower side, there are both one- and two-storied sections which follow the terrain. The red brick walls, saddle roof, along with the lean-to roof that is covered with red pantiles, stand in nice contrast to the green landscape in the summertime and the white snow-covered surroundings in the winter.

The site was built as a bivouac in conjunction with the hydropower development in the Kobbelv region, performed by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVEs). From the beginning however, it was considered to be used for ordinary conferences - and for tourist use once the developmental period was over.
Literature: Tidsskriftet Mur no. 4 1986, pp. 29-31.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 03.02.2006
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2005

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