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Tørfoss ( Tørfoss)
Address: Tørfossmoen, Reisadalen
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Construction System /
Woodwork; timber; cogging joint method
Building Type: Farm site; sauna; storage shed
Keywords: farm, sauna, storage shed, woodwork, timber, cog joint construction, farmhouse, secondary residence
Year of Construction: From the 18th-20th century
Tørfoss is located in the valley Reisadalen, roughly 18 kilometres from the Storslett centre. The farm acts like a large clearing in a pine wooded forest, on a flat alluvial plain. A dense forest surrounds the farm, and it is no longer possible to see either the river Reisaelva or the other farms from the yard. The buildings on the yard are small greyish-brown wooden structures with a yellow farmhouse dominating in the middle. Since it was built in different stages, the farms houses has a number of different characteristic features. One can observe features that Finnish immigrants ("kvenene") brought with them to Northern Norway. Such features were further developed in this area. Other features, both Norwegian and from other places, can also be observed here. The first people to clear this site, in order to establish the farm, came from Finland during the 18th century.

The complex is comprised of:
* Farmhouse
* Secondary residence ("bårstue") with a baking oven
* Wood-fired sauna
* 3 Storage sheds: meat, cheese- and clothing and tool shed
* Cowshed and barn

The farmhouse was erected in 1931, and is built from cogging jointed timber which is clad with vertical panelling. It follows a cross plan, with four rooms around a centrally located chimney. This type of plan was typical in Norway during the first half of the 20th century. However, the house's exterior is unusual, with a longitudinal veranda that faces towards the west, and a balcony on each gable end. These built-in verandas are quite unique for Tørfoss, but there are however many longitudinal verandas in Nordreisa. They were built during the period 1910-1940; this custom was introduced by a joiner who had been to America.
Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg: Tørfoss, En kvengård i Reisadalen, Fotefar mot nord, Tromsø 1995
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 13.12.2005
Author: I.H; T.A
Photographer: I.H 2007; M.L.N 2004

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